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Mimi ON Dec 27, 2011 AT 8:52 am

Secret Cinema

Secret Cinema

We now have our New Year’s resolution…do Secret Cinema.

The number one rule of this mysterious monthly event is “tell no one.” Sounds a bit like the rule of Fight Club, but we promise it’s not that kind of club…

Secret Cinema allows movie lovers to view flicks at various locations all around London, with both the location and the film kept totally secret until the last minute.

Registered members are told the location the day of the screening, along with a clue as to what kind of event it’s going to be and what kind of film is going to be shown.

The location coincides with the genre of the film, giving screeners a bit of a hint as to what the film will be, but you won’t know for sure until you’re sitting in front of the screen. Live music and DJs, food stalls, awesome set decorations, special guests, and hundreds of actors dressed in the style of the film are all part of the event.

We’re thinking this may be the coolest way to watch films, and it sounds like so much fun. Secret Cinema runs all through January, but because it’s such a popular event, tickets sell out very quickly, so book now!

To register and buy a ticket, go to

See you there…wherever ‘there’ may be!


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