The Swinging Sixties hit Carnaby

BATD ON Jun 12, 2009 AT 2:41 pm

Swinging Carnaby

Swinging Carnaby

What’s not to love about the swinging Sixties? The fashion was fab – would we dare wear our hemlines that high? While beauty was at its best, with beehives and lusciously lined lids. If you weren’t around to enjoy the glory days way back when, why not now? Carnaby are celebrating the Sixties in style this weekend.

Along with live music and go-go girls there will be a whole load of activities to get stuck into. MAC and Pixi will be offering 60s make-overs, while we’ll be hitting Hilfiger Denim for free snacks and drinks. If you’re looking to recapture a little sixties style, there is a stylist service in The Beauty LoungeTwiggy eat your heart out- so you can get decked out in micro minis. Vans is a must this weekend, they are offering a competition to win a pair of customized shoes, so you could have your very own unique pair of flats.

With exhibitions, pop up shops and discos, keep it Carnaby this weekend and embrace your psychedelic side.

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