The Wolverine Workout

BATD ON Apr 30, 2009 AT 12:58 pm

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

It’s no secret that Hugh Jackman, new X-Men star, has been exercising overtime for his role. But we have the inside scoop on how he got that buff in just six weeks. Ladies, print out a copy of this easy to follow daily regime and leave it on your man’s bedside table. After week three, he’ll be looking a fitter faster than you can say People’s Sexiest Male. And as your man’s muscles increase, so will his stamina, which can be used in more places than just the gym…you get the idea?

Here goes, get that Wolverine body:

Exercise: This programme can be used for six weeks. Increase your weights as you become stronger to make sure that you are pushing to the limit on the last few reps of every set. Use a very short rest between each set that you do, no more than 30 seconds each time. This might make you actually reduce the amount of weight that you have perhaps been used to lifting but the short rest will rapidly break down the muscles and force them to redevelop as stronger and bigger muscles. Choose weights that will let you just about perform the set and then reduce the weight for the last set if you absolutely have to, in order to complete the set. Having completed your group of exercises for one area, before moving to the next exercise take 90 seconds of recovery to allow yourself to partially recover, but not completely.

You should have a slow controlled speed for each repetition that you do, of around 4-5 seconds per move. Don’t race through the exercises, use controlled speed to break down the muscles effectively. Remember, it is your body that you are trying to improve so no cheating on yourself! Each workout will take you 40-50 minutes to complete at most.


Chest: Incline Chest Press 8 Reps 4 Sets. Incline Dumbell Flyes 8 Reps 4 sets. Declined Press Ups To Failure 2 sets. Dips To Failure 2 sets

Shoulders: Shoulder Press 10 Reps 4 Sets. Lateral Raises 8 Reps 4 Sets

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

X-Men Origins: Wolverine


Cardio: Interval Training: Hill Runing 45-60 seconds uphill at 100% speed. Walk to recover for 3 minutes. Repeat for 10 runs.


Back: Pull Ups To Failure 3 Sets. Seated Row  8 Reps 4 Sets. Reverse Flye 8 Reps 4 sets. Hyperextension (10kg)15 reps 3 sets. Lat Pull Down 8 reps 4 sets.

Abs: Ab crunches 50 reps 4 sets. Oblique Bridge Crunch 20 reps 3 sets each side.


Cardio: Interval Training Swim 6 lengths at 95-100% of full speed, 4 minutes recovery. Repeat for a total of 50 lengths.

Hugh Jackman workout

Hugh Jackman workout


Biceps: Barbell Curls 8 reps 5 sets. Upright row 8 reps 3 sets. Single arm row 6 reps 3 sets each side.

Triceps: Tricep Extension 8 reps 5 sets. Dips to failure 3 sets. Close hand press ups to failure 2 sets




Declined Chest press 8 reps.  Seated Row  8 reps,Repeat both exercises for 5 sets, alternating. Declined Pec Flye 8 Reps. Bent Over Dumbell Row 8 reps. Repeat both exercises for 5 sets, alternating.

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