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Chrissy ON Jan 23, 2013 AT 10:57 am

by Chrissy Iley 

Thomas John is tall and wearing a checked shirt, standing alone in the rain outside Urth Café in Beverly Hills. He has soft piercing eyes and a strange charisma. You know he’s seen things. He tells me he used to see things when he was a little boy from about the age of five but he didn’t realise exactly what he was seeing.  “When I was ten I said I was very scared that my grandmother was going to get cancer.  The very next day she was diagnosed.  She survived but it was then I realised that I was different.”

Thomas John, Psychic and Medium

Thomas John, Psychic and Medium

For a while he ignored his extraordinary talent but when a family member died and he suddenly was able to talk to them he realised he had a special gift and an ability to help people. He now has a ton of celebrity clients including Jennifer Lopez and Sean Young, Courtney Cox and Gabriel Sotto.  Last year he predicted that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes would split up before anyone had a hint of it. “I also predicted that Whitney Houston would pass away.  I feel that her passing was definitely an accident.”  We tuck in to hot bread and butter pudding with cinnamon, a comforting breakfast treat.  He says this year’s big break up is going to be…. “Brad and Angelina are gonna be done. It’s more on his end than on hers and I don’t see Ashton and Mila getting married.  I feel he was not faithful to Demi Moore from the beginning and she turned a blind eye.”

Of course , after this, I couldn’t wait for my own reading.  He very specifically told me about a trip that would be delayed and he was exactly right.  He told me that my mother’s doctor was wrong and that her pain was in fact caused by arthritis, which has since been proven to be correct, he told me various incredible predictions about friends and loved ones and for my own upcoming projects, some of them scarily good, others straightforward bad, like “this project will have you sweating tears. You should leave it.”  He told me that my cat would be hissing at other cats.  Unbeknownst to him other cats did move in – or rather not unbeknownst to him as it seems like nothing is. ….. He saw my grandmother who he correctly described as a having very close connection with me.  He could not see my father who recently passed but saw an old friend asking me to write his book and he did. A few days after our meeting. Spookily accurate and speedily so!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

One amazing thing about Thomas John that makes him absolutely unique is that he talks about things he sees, no pussyfooting. At the time we met the Oscar nominations had not come out but he predicted Best Picture nominations would be Silver Linings, Lincoln, Life of Pi, Argo and Les Miserables and he predicted that Argo will win and that Jennifer Lawrence will win Best Actress.

He predicted that both Denzel Washington and Hugh Jackman would be in the Best  Leading Male performance category….. Excitedly I ran their publicist was quite chuffed and when they actually were nominated I told him you saw it here first! Sadly as I love Denville thank you Thomas does not predict a win for either.

He also came out with the thought that a very famous high profile actress would be diagnosed with cancer, possibly Meryl Streep.  On his website, which is he predicts that the Pope will pass away or suffer a major health catastrophe, a small scale terrorist attack in Paris in early fall, that tigers will be announced nearly extinct and the Arctic will be virtually ice free.  He also predicts a major earthquake in California.

On a lighter note he says that Prince Harry will enter a serious relationship, Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana will move in together, Rosie O’Donnell will have a health concern, Taylor Swift will be all over the place with relationships, Lindsay Lohan will get herself together, Katie Perry’s album will break all her previous records and a famous singer will reveal that he or she is gay.

Thomas John is fairly astounding and because of his honesty and his calmness some celebrities are already quite addicted to him.  “Celebrities really just have the same problems as everyone else does.  They want to know are they gonna be happy?”

I predict that Thomas John will be very happy and very famous by the end of the year.

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