Time and Time Again

BATD ON Oct 21, 2009 AT 6:24 pm

Kenneth Gould’s Time and Time Again

Kenneth Gould’s Time and Time Again

Have you ever had the feeling that maybe there was more to the afterlife than you thought before? Ever had the feeling that you weren’t alone? In Kenneth Gould’s book Time and Time Again, 28 years in the making, he goes on a journey of discovery about himself and his family’s history.

The book follows the true story of the author’s quest to find out what really happened to his father’s mother, Alice. He didn’t know very much about her except for the fact she had died ten years before his birth in a mental asylum. It was in 1979 when he was first drawn to discovering more about his grandmother, who he later affectionately called Grannie Alice.

The beginning of the book is slightly difficult to follow because there are so many names and facts to keep straight about this family tree, but once you read through to the end you’ll be rewarded with a surprising twist. Who would have thought that a search along his family tree would lead to revelation that one of his family members had been reincarnated?

In this compelling true story, the author hopes that by the end of the book, people will make up their own minds, but that many will come to the same revelations that he did. The critics keep calling it very different and unlike any other type of book in this field.  If you’re dwindling on the line of the paranormal this might just be the book to sway you.

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