Tim’s Next Fairy Tale Film

BATD ON Jan 20, 2010 AT 11:32 am

Tim Burton

Tim Burton

Hot on the heels of his Alice in Wonderland re-make it seems Tim Burton is now looking to another fairy tale for inspiration. We’ve just heard that he is looking to re-interpret ‘Sleeping Beauty’ into a new story. The US director would like to put a twist on the fairy tale by telling it from the perspective of the film’s villain, Maleficent.

It is likely that the film will include some 3-D effects, as Tim has recently said he’d like to incorporate the futuristic technology into his future projects. He said: “I like the 3-D aspect of it, I think it fits the material very well, and it doesn’t give me a headache like it used to. I think it’s good for anything. There are other uses than having spears stuck into your face – I think there are more visceral, emotional uses, especially if you use lots of textures.”

We can’t wait to see what he comes up with, will Johnny Depp be starring in this one?

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