Tom Daley Rumoured to Host Celebrity Splash

Mimi ON Oct 08, 2012 AT 2:58 pm

Tom Daley

Just when we thought it was impossible to create a new genre of celebrity show, another has been born, and its name is Celebrity Splash. This new ITV1 commissioned programme is based on the Netherlands’ hit Sterren Springen, which follows stars learning how to dive and performing increasingly difficult routines each week.

Over the course of the series, the celebs will be given intensive training and tips by a group of professional coaches who will teach them to dive with grace as they attempt backflips, somersaults, and other gymnastic tricks. And who better than Olympic cutie Tom Daley to host the show? Having previously disclosed that he’d quite like to pursue a television career, Celebrity Splash seems to be the perfect show for him to break into the business with.

An insider told TV Biz: “We are counting on this to be a big banker for next year. Everybody loved Tom at the Olympics, and this could be the perfect vehicle for him”. It was also disclosed that the show is “going to be a hilarious show which will have it all — humour, hunks in trunks and gorgeous girls.”

This is certainly one show we are anxious to see, as it seems that it is unlikely to belly-flop with its huge success in Holland. It is also expected to become a global successful as broadcasters in America, Australia and France have bought the rights to recreate the popular show.

In all honesty, the show could be pants for all we care, we’re happy for any excuse to see Tom Daley in his erm. pants!

Keep an eye out for our update on the release date of this hot new show and updates on whether or not Tom Daley will host.

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