Trafalgar’s Christmas Tree

Mimi ON Nov 30, 2010 AT 2:48 pm

trafalgar christmas tree

The Christmas tree in Trafalgar

In a London tradition that’s been going on for 63 years, the city will be receiving a gigantic Christmas tree from Norway.  On Thursday (02.12.10), the tree in Trafalgar Square will be lit up.

The Trafalgar Square Christmas tree is over 20 meters high and 50-60 years old. It’s selected from the forests surrounding Oslo with great care several months (even years!), in advance and is decorated in traditional Norwegian fashion, with vertical strings of lights.

Once the tree is up, it will be the centre for Christmas carollers throughout the month.  The carolling will take place from 7th – 22nd December from about 5pm-9pm.

For many of you the Christmas tree and carol singing in Trafalgar Square signals the beginning of the countdown to Christmas (even though at BATD we’ve been counting down for weeks already!).  We recommend stopping by the square if you can, you never know who will show up to push the big ON button!

The ceremony will start Thursday night at 6pm.

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