Trailer: Hall Pass

Mimi ON Mar 10, 2011 AT 11:19 am

Hall Pass movie poster

Hall Pass movie poster

This film stars funny man Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis, Christina Applegate, Jenna Fischer and our very own Stephen Merchant (The Office) . It’s about two men that are given a “Hall Pass” by their wives to let them do what they please and it looks very funny!

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Two best friends, both restless in their marriage are thrilled when their wives make the bold move of giving them a ‘Hall Pass’ giving each of them a week long break from their marriages and do what they want with other women. This is in an attempt to show them that is is not that fact that they are married that’s preventing them from being with attractive women.

Look for this film in cinemas 11/03/11.

Watch the trailer below:

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