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Mimi ON Oct 03, 2011 AT 3:32 pm

Retreat - starring Thandie Newton, Jamie Bell and Cillian Murphy

Retreat - starring Thandie Newton, Jamie Bell and Cillian Murphy

Retreat follows a married couple who, after the stillbirth of their first child, make an attempt to save their marriage by retreating to the remote Blackholme Island off the coast of Scotland.

Fairweather Cottage is filled with happy memories for the couple, so they assume the familiar and friendly place may help in repairing their shaky marriage. However, after a storm hits the island and Kate and Martin lose all contact with the mainland, they discover an injured British soldier (Jamie Bell) who’s washed up on shore. The soldier informs the couple that there’s an epidemic spreading rapidly through Europe, and their only chance of survival is to remain in the cottage.

It soon becomes clear that the soldier has a dark side, and from the trailer, it looks as if staying in the cottage with him may be much more dangerous for the couple than exposing themselves to the disease.

The lovely Thandie Newton (RocknRolla) plays Kate alongside the talented Cillian Murphy (Inception) as Martin. As the freaky and dangerous British soldier, Jamie Bell has come a long way since his days as Billy Elliot, but we’re excited to see him take on a dark role. The trailer for this new thriller already has us creeped out and asking questions, so we’re going to have to check it out when it’s released in theaters 14th October.

Check out the trailer here:


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