Trailer: Sucker Punch

Mimi ON Mar 31, 2011 AT 3:26 pm

Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch out in cinema 1st April.

In the 1950’s a young girl is institutionalised by her abusive stepfather against her own will. She retreats to a reality of her own to cope with the pain.

Sucker Punch,’ revolves around five girls who have teamed up using Babydoll’s imagination to escape their captors.

The team of girls include actresses, Emily Browning as ‘Babydoll,’ Abbie Cornish as ‘Sweet Pea,’ Jena Malone as ‘Rocket,’ Vanessa Hudgens as ‘Blondie’ and Jamie Chung as ‘Amber.’ We are taken on a journey through Babydoll’s mind with her stay in the asylum. Her real life coincides with her imagination and we are torn between her own reality and the characters in her alternate reality.

The film is an action packed thriller filled with imagination thanks to director Zack Snyder, who has directed films like ‘Watchmen,’ and ‘300.’

So the question is, will this group of girls escape and be able to decide what they are willing to sacrifice in order to stay alive?

This film is set to hit cinemas 1 April 2011

Watch the trailer below…

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