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Mimi ON Mar 02, 2011 AT 4:25 pm



Arriving in Berlin with his wife Elizabeth for a conference, scientist Martin Harris (Liam Neeson) realizes only once they’ve gotten to the hotel that he’s left his briefcase– containing his wallet, passport, everything– at the airport. He jumps into a taxi to go back and retrieve it.

A freak accident causes the taxi to crash into a river, landing Martin in a four-day coma at a hospital where they can’t even figure out his name. When he wakes and goes back to his wife (January Jones), she doesn’t just pretend she doesn’t know him, but is accompanied by another man who has all the documentation and even vacation photos to prove that he, in fact, is Martin Harris. This chilling mystery drama, also starring Diane Kruger, is another edge of your seat, can’t get enough action packed film we’ve come to expect from Neeson since ‘Taken’ in 2009.

Watch the trailer below:

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