Two New ‘reasons to be pretty’

BATD ON Oct 18, 2010 AT 1:16 pm

Julia Stiles America Ferrera

Julia Stiles and America Ferrera

Pretty girls Julia Stiles and America Ferrera are set to star in reasons to be pretty.  The award nominated play, which will be directed by Neil LaBute, is set to open March 2011.

The play is the last part of a trilogy by LaBute which explore the topic of appearance—its precursors, The Shape of Things and Fat Pig have also appeared in the West End.

reasons to be pretty centres on Greg, whose social circle is thrown into chaos when his remark about a female co-worker’s pretty face and his girlfriend’s lack thereof get back to his girlfriend.  According to producer Howard Panter, the show is about “people being drawn to the superficial, and how we all get seduced by the surface—and how that can be a thorny path.”

Julia has previously appeared in the West End in David Mamet’s Oleanna in 2004.  This play will be America’s London theatre debut, and her role will be similar to the character she played in the television show Ugly Betty.

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