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Mimi ON Nov 04, 2011 AT 11:40 am


NuttyMadam3575 giving us an exlcusive insight into her insanity

So we got sent a VERY funny video showing the reaction of one fan to the new Breaking Dawn trailer… we couldn’t stop laughing for about 10 minutes and, as it’s a Friday, thought we should find more of these little gems. Cue these hilarious videos showing the funniest reactions on the web.

There’s a boy who’s been conned into playing a computer game and gets more than he’s bargained for, a guy that will keep you smiling for the rest of the day with his laugh and an unfortunate bout of chatroulette at The Last Exorcist uses it as an advertising platform.

Video #1:

This girl is amazing… bit weird she films herself but who’s judging when it’s so entertaining?!

Look out for her slurring “Don’t get naked”, “I think she’s got better hair in this movie, she was crap in Eclispe”… and if that wasn’t enough for her… “Is that it? I need more!”.


Video #2:

This poor child was conned into playing a simple computer game. Let’s just say he got more than he bargained for. NB This is our personal favourite.

Video #3:

Watch this man’s reaction to the video he’s watching. It’s amazing and will keep you happy for the rest of the day.

Video #4

We don’t condone the use of chatroulette (it’s all a bit creepy) but when The Last Exorcist used the platform to advertise the new film, viewers were in for a bit of a shock!

Video #5

In ode to the impending Christmas season this video is brilliant. Check out the passers by’s reactions to snowman. Amazin’.


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