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BATD ON Dec 16, 2009 AT 1:29 pm

Russell Crowe as Robin Hood

Russell Crowe as Robin Hood

Check out the all action trailer for Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood, the all action flick stars Russell Crowe as the Sherwood Forest hero Robin Hood. If you’re longing for the battle crying and sword wielding of ‘Gladiator’ this is it.

Scott’s adaptation of Robin Hood retell the story of how an archer in the ranks of King Richard the Lionheart transforms into the legendary outlaw who is hated by the newly-crowned King John and loved by the poor people of Nottingham for robbing the rich to feed the poor. Cate Blanchett plays the lovely Maid Marian, who steals Robin’s heart.

Check out Crowe in all his warrior glory…
The movie hits cinemas on the 14th of May 2010

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