Watching Paint Dry

BATD ON Jan 22, 2010 AT 11:10 am

Watch David paint his Fiat 500 pink

Watch David paint his Fiat 500 pink

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Sometimes it’s just nice to kick back, warm your hands on your mug of green tea and reach for a Jaffa Cake…no leave them on my desk…and watch a man get sweaty doing a bit of manual labour.

Well this is a task that someone must have been a very bad boy..I am just imagining that for a moment…to have to spend his weekend painting a Fiat 500 with a nail polish brush, that’s some punishment. To whomever came up with that idea we salute you, you could write a book on torture tips for bad boyfriends.

This needs to be seen ladies, and if you want to accidently brush up against him on the bonnet have a look how you could win that by clicking here or join me in a Jaffa and a watch.

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