We Do Love You, Miles

BATD ON Jul 11, 2013 AT 9:43 am

The Miles Aldridge’s retrospective,  I Only Want You To Love Me, launched yesterday at Somerset House.

And it’s Aldridge in his most saturated form. From the technicolour palette, juxtaposition of the mundane with the hyper-glamorous to his portrayal of women.  His images showcase a truly bittersweet vision of the world, the pain of normality – and the uncategorised vanity that most people experience, even subconsciously.

Miles Aldridge, I Only Want You To Love Me

Rather than alluding to an unrequited romance – Aldridge instead refers to the human tendency to buy unnecessary commodities – clothes, high-luxury products to make people love us more. He has the intention of providing the public with something they can see themselves in.

“The world is a strange and troubling place and we live in the middle of it,” Aldridge was quoted saying – and it is a relief for many to know that others feel the same cynicism that you do.

I Only Want You To Love Me on now until 29th September at Somerset House SomersetHouse.org.uk


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