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Mimi ON Aug 19, 2010 AT 11:39 pm

Tony Blair's donation - Blood Money

Tony Blair's donation - Blood Money

Is Tony Blair donating for all the right reasons?
Tony Blair announced this week that he will donate all the proceeds from his forthcoming memoir to wounded British soldiers. Is the donation ’blood money’ or does it just show that his conscience has finally eaten away at him after leading Britain into wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

The families who lost their loved ones in that war I’m sure will think this is too little, too late from Tony Blair. They are still waiting for Blair to say sorry. My heart goes out to them at the loss and sadness that must be with them every day. 

I also feel that the British Legion are in a difficult position over this. They’re expected to receive around 4 million pounds from the former Prime Minister’s book advance, plus all future royalties. They need that money to build a much needed sports centre for wounded personnel. They SHOULD take the money as it would be foolish to say no, but obviously the British Legion have to be prepared for criticisms regarding the source of the donation.

I also think it’s important to clarify whether Mr Blair is actually really making a donation. In the three years since leaving office in 2007 he has made a staggering amount of money. An estimated fortune of 20 million pounds to be precise. He doesn’t appear to be giving away any of that away. As far as I understand it he is giving away the profit and the advance of the book. So, theoretically he won’t be making any money from it. However, this is a man who already has an estimated fortune of over 20 million pounds, he’s going to be gaining worldwide exposure for the book and undoubtedly it will go higher in the best sellers list. Therefore, for all those reasons outlined Blair’s donation is not a selfless one for us all to admire. If he really cared about our soldiers he wouldn’t have sent them to Iraq and Afghanistan.

If he wanted to make amends now he could donate a couple of million pounds out of his own vast fortune, rather than getting the public to donate, by purchasing his book, then claiming that it his him putting his hand in his pocket.

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