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Mimi ON Sep 03, 2010 AT 9:42 am

Tony Blair's Memoirs

Tony Blair's Memoirs

Blair’s memoirs
Tony Blair has dominated the news this week, for all the wrong reasons. The former Prime Minister’s massively-hyped memoirs have been published and the backlash has now begun.

The headlines are as follows: Blair thinks Gordon Brown is ‘maddening’ and had ‘zero emotional intelligence.’ Blair blames Brown for Labour’s defeat in the 2010 General Election and described Princess Diana as ‘manipulative.’ He also admitted that he failed to foresee the ‘nightmare’ of the Iraq War and claimed that alcohol became a ‘prop’ when he was Prime Minister.

I haven’t read or don’t intend to read Mr Blair’s book, so can’t wade through it and analyse every chapter for you. However, one of the main revelations that caught my eye was Blair’s comments on the Iraq War in 2003.

Mr Blair has still not apologised for the Iraq War, but did speak of his ‘anguish’ over the conflict. In the book he says ‘tears, though there have been many’ do not encompass his feelings of anguish. I’m sure that is little comfort for the devastated families, who will never get over their painful loss. One father, who lost his son to the Iraq war spoke out this week accusing Blair of shedding ‘crocodile tears’ over a war that ruined his political reputation.

I think the danger here is finding the line between discussing Blair’s book without giving it more publicity than is fair. The most important thing I’m concerned with and hope others will be is how much money the book generates for the British Legion. 
What Matters? a couple of weeks ago discussed all the reasons why the British Legion should feel no guilt over accepting the profits from Tony Blair’s book.

I wonder how long it will now be before Gordon Brown releases his memoirs? I’m sure he will want to respond to the claims that he has ’zero emotional intelligence.’ That should be an interesting read.

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