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Mimi ON Jul 02, 2010 AT 9:30 pm

Wacky Football Fashion

Wacky Football Fashion

So we’re out – England’s world cup dream is officially over after a game devoid of passion, pace and personality.

Every ‘football expert and his dog’ has been wheeled out to comment on how and why ’we went wrong’ so I’ll keep my ranting as brief as possible about why ‘we went wrong’. (P.S I’m not an expert and I haven’t got a dog!)
Firstly, that team just don’t gel. Individually they are, albeit, grossly overpaid but talented players with experience and talent but stick them together and that chemistry just ain’t happening.

Then of course there’s Signor Capello – oh just how bad must be that communication be between coach and players? I’m not actually talking about John Terry sticking the boot into him in his player verses manager press conference, but the massive issue of the language barrier between players and coach.
If Capello has difficulty understanding the questions posed to him at press conferences how easily can he then communicate his intentions and feelings to his team when things get rather fraught? Oh to be a fly on the wall in those training sessions and witness a stream of Italian ranting. I’m visualising the perplexed faces of the English team thinking to themselves “Non capisco Signor Capello.” (Translation: I haven’t got a clue what the gaffer is saying!)

Now, on the subject of fashion and football – ladies, I would love to hear from you on how you customise your football supporting attire without looking like a male football player?

I have yet to see anyone look good in a football shirt. They’re just so masculine with a hideous fit, hideous material and sadly associated with geezer birds bellowing ”Go on my son” at the screen. By the way cropping off the bottom or sides to make it a bit more feminine is just cheating!

Lastly, the following is an important memo to all England supporters. We are out so please take down those tacky plastic flags that are STILL draped all over your cars. It wasn’t a good look in the first place and is an even worse look now the dream is over.

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