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Mimi ON Sep 10, 2010 AT 10:02 am

BP Oil Spill

BP Oil Spill

BP shifts the blame

BP have finally published an internal report on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. This was the worst oil spill in history. It resulted in the death of 11 workers and four million barrels of oil sweeping the Gulf for over three months before the well was capped. 

BP have been criticised for pointing the fingers at their contractors in the report, rather than accepting the oil was their fault. This was such a huge environmental disaster so I think it is expected that BP are not willing to put themselves on the line and accept all responsibility.

I also think there’s not a great feeling of warmth towards BP from the public because of the way they dealt with this as the disaster unravelled.

The fact is that they didn’t apologise for ages and only after huge public pressure have finally accepted to cover all the clean up costs.

I’m sure many readers feel that it is wholly the fault of BP. As BP are the only ones who have the power to shut down the well, they should be held responsible. They chose their contractors and should have made sure they were up to scratch with every policy or procedure, no matter how big or small.

I also thought it was interesting in the very technical, 193 page report (browse at your leisure) that there was no mention of the word apology or sorry from BP. Rather strange that…..

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