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Mimi ON Sep 24, 2010 AT 3:17 am

Well, that was an eventful visit!

Bye Bye to the Pope

After flying into the UK, accompanied by all the drama from a soap opera his four day visit has come to an end and Pope Benedict XVI has flown back to the Vatican.

This was one visit that EVERYONE had an opinion on but before The Pope had even boarded his plane in Rome his visit wasn’t exactly going to plan.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock or have been out of the country over the past week these are the headlines…

Senior Paypal adviser, Cardinal Kasper pulled out of accompanying Pope Benedict to the UK after comparing arriving at Heathrow airport to landing in a “Third World” country. Ermmmm did it not occur to the Cardinal that’s probably not the best thing to say about the country you’re planning on visiting?

The Advertising Standards Authority also banned an advert of a pregnant nun eating eating ice cream in a church, accompanied by the logo “immaculately conceived”. Prime Minister David Cameron recorded what can be described as a ‘pope friendly’ video statement stating there was ‘incredibly important work’ to be done during his visit.

Critics attacked Pope Benedict for his lack of response to the child sex abuse scandal, which without a doubt overshadowed the visit. However, the critics did back off after The Pope apologised for the “unspeakable crimes” committed by Catholic priests who sexually abused children.

It’s also estimated that the visit cost a whopping 20 million pounds – over half of that is expected to be funded by the British government. Ouch! But despite those relatively bleak headlines the visit did go smoothly. OK, there were protests, but they appeared to be placid and non-confrontational.

David Cameron obviously thought it went well he even walked The Pope back to his plane – talk about a right British send off!

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