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Mimi ON Oct 15, 2010 AT 11:20 am

Chilean Miners reunited with their loved ones

Chilean Miners reunited with their loved ones

Chilean Miners safe at last 

Who couldn’t be moved to tears watching the 33 Chilean miners be winched to safety this week. They’ve been trapped in the San Jose mine since August 5th but unbelievably have come out appearing to be in relatively good health. A truly amazing story, especially as initially the worst was feared when it was a struggle to make contact with the miners.

Can you only imagine what it would be like to be trapped in the earth for almost 10 weeks, over 2000 feet deep? That’s three times the height of Canary Wharf. Simply staggering. I think this whole story has ’film’ written over it. No one can ever imagine the mental and physical torture these men have gone through. They must have all given up hope at some point and seeing their loved ones must have seemed less and less likely. I think the media will really need to show some restraint here. These men will have never probably experienced the media at any level and now they will be in the midst of a huge storm. I’m sure there will be be bidding wars to get the biggest characters to tell their stories and reveal ‘what really went on’ underground. Let’s hope the miners aren’t too seduced by all the big money deals and promises that will be thrown at them and stay true to themselves and their families.

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