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Mimi ON Jul 09, 2010 AT 10:05 am

Children cycling
Children cycling to school alone…

On Yer’bike!

The Prime Minister and the Mayor of London have given them a thumbs up, but the majority of parents on the street have given them a resolute thumbs down.

Parents, Oliver and Gillian Schonrock found themselves embroiled in a media storm, after it was revealed their 5-year-old son and 8-year-old daughter cycle to school alone.

Most ridiculous reaction to the story must be awarded to Boris ‘Bonkers’ Johnson, who called the parents ‘heroes.’ Why on earth are they heroes? Just what and who have they saved?

Children cycling to school unaccompanied in urban London, compared to children cycling to school in a sleepy village on the Cornish coast is like comparing my running skills to Paula Radcliffe. Even when she’s running races seven months pregnant!

Let’s consider; the age of the children, the distance they will travel, the areas they will cycle through, the vulnerability/confidence of the child’s character…..

I could go on, but I’m sure you get the picture it isn’t just a simple yes or no from parents on whether their little one can get on yer’bike.

My final point on this topic is the perception of ‘today’s society’ in the UK. Are our streets really as dangerous as reported, or are parents wrapping their offspring in an unnecessary swath of cotton wool?

I will leave you thinking about Denmark, which appears in this case to be a completely different world, not country. What does it really say about the UK and child safety issues, if reports are to be believed that 50 per cent of children cycle to school in Denmark? It’s estimated that just two per cent of children in the UK cycle to school. You do the math.

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