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Mimi ON Jul 30, 2010 AT 9:50 am

Fat not Obese!

Fat not Obese!

Call overweight people ‘fat’ instead of ‘obese’

Telling it how it is. A spade is a spade. Thin people are thin and fat people are fat. That’s it really. I could close this subject right now as that is the essence of the argument.

It’s not often I agree with a minister but health minister Anne Milton appears to be talking sense. To hear yourself being referred to as ‘fat’ is hurtful and cutting but if you weigh more than you should – you are fat. Yes, you are also obese, overweight, big boned, plump, genetically overstretched and any other pitiful euphemisms that replace the word fat.

We are living in a crazy, PC driven world where crazy job titles are dished out, such as Account Executive with responsibility for overseeing client developmental procedures. OK, I made that up but you get the picture! 

If you’re fat, you are at risk of so many problems – diabetes, heart attacks, fatty liver disease to name a few. These are serious, life ending diseases and we just shouldn’t pussy foot around them.

Can you imagine the uproar if people suffering from anorexia were referred to as slender and petite? They are told in a blunt way that they are killing themselves and resemble skeletons. Why is there a different rule for people at the other end of the spectrum?

Using the gentle, emotive descriptions to describe serious conditions doesn’t jolt people into taking action. If someone of a position of responsibility can’t tell patients who are putting themselves at risk the truth in a blunt manner, there is no hope for us to have a happier, healthier society.

We have a responsibility to ourselves and our future generations to keep healthy and fit. I don’t mean to sound preachy and am not talking about a spare tyre or a wobbly bottom, but life threatening conditions that have a huge impact on our quality of life.

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