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Mimi ON Aug 27, 2010 AT 9:44 am

Mary Bale caught binning a cat

Mary Bale caught binning a cat

Mary Bale ‘sorry’ for dumping Lola the cat in a wheelie bin

Until this week no one had heard of Mary Bale from Coventry. That all changed though after the 45 year old stroked a cat she found walking on a wall, before dumping the unsuspecting moggy in a wheelie bin.

One question: Why would you do that? Is she ill, spiteful, confused, deranged or all of those combined? No one apart from Mary Bale knows why she did this. She is certainly paying for her actions though - she has been nationally and internationally shamed and needs police protection after receiving death threats.

I think the thing that has made people so upset is the way she approached this. This wasn’t an angry, cat hating woman who was intent to dump any cat she could find in a bin. This was a woman who approached a cat and stroked her for a while to gain her trust. Then, out of nowhere she picked up the cat, dumped it in the bin, before shutting the lid and calmly walking off.

You wouldn’t put a human in a bin without food, water or fresh air for 15 hours, so to do this to an animal is equally disgusting.
However, the backlash on the internet has been totally over the top. There are numerous Facebook groups stating that Mary Bale should die. I think despite her appalling actions, it is wrong for her phone number and address to be posted online from incensed animal lovers. It just makes the situation worse and antagonises those who are angry and easily led. Let the authorities deal with this in the most appropriate manner, we’ve all got our opinions and that is enough.

I hope Mary Bale gets the help she needs and doesn’t come to any harm. However, it is harder to feel any sympathy for her as in her apology she stated “OK, I shouldn’t have done it — but it’s just a cat at the end of the day.”

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