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Mimi ON Jul 02, 2010 AT 9:29 pm

Burka Ban

Burka Ban


Should Burkhas be banned in Britain?

Tory MP Philip Hollobone has launched a Face Coverings (Regulation) Bill which would make it illegal for anyone to cover their face in public. 
In my book this includes helmets, scarfs, hoodies that can be pulled down to cover the face, and the most discussed and debated issue surrounding the bill – the burkha.
Mr Hollobone has reportedly said ‘it was not the British way’ for Muslim women to cover their faces in public.

As you may be aware our European friends – Italy, Canada, France and Belgium are all pressing ahead for a ban, but I just can’t see this one going ahead. It’s a very contentious issue and people surely have the right to cover or not cover their face in public for religious, personal or professional reasons.

The main thing that strikes me about this issue is where will it all stop? Will workmen not be able to cover their faces to protect themselves from dust and fumes? I know it sounds ludicrous but there simply can’t be one rule for one and one rule for another if this bill does go ahead.
There’s also the problem of defining public areas.  What would happen if it was to be deemed acceptable to cover your face in a public street but not in a council owned park or private shop? How would that work on a practical basis taking the burka off to enter the shop, putting it back on to walk down the street to walk to the next shop where there may be a request to remove it again. Utter madness is my theory on this one.

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