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Mimi ON Sep 10, 2010 AT 10:02 am

The Tax Mess Up

The Tax Mess Up

HMRC’s Tax Blunder
So, you’re one of the millions who haven’t paid enough tax and have now received a letter from the HMRC. Should you or shouldn’t you have to pay the money back? After all, you didn’t know that you hadn’t paid enough, so the mistake is no fault of your own. As far as I’m concerned the fault is with HMRC as they messed up all the wrong tax codes.

If you go into a shop and they mess up and charge you incorrectly or give you bad customer service they then can’t chase you for extra money or ask you to come back to the shop for a ‘better experience.’ I think that HMRC should just do the decent thing and drop chasing the money. It’s their mistake, so why should we (literally) pay for it?

Presumably, they have sophisticated computer software at the tax offices and staff aren’t working from notepads and pencils.

These are the same systems that calculate what our tax codes are, how much we owe etc. We trust those systems and pay our taxes according to the calculations they make. I’d love to know what other mistakes these systems are making. I can’t see this story ending yet….
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