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Mimi ON Oct 15, 2010 AT 11:20 am

David Cameron clashes with Ed Miliband

David Cameron clashes with Ed Miliband

Cameron and Miliband clash over child benefit changes
And the child benefit row rumbles on. Here’s a little recap on what the row is about. From 2013 Prime Minister, David Cameron plans to cut child benefit for higher rate taxpayers who earn over £43,875. The ludicrous thing about this is if both parents are earning for example £40,000 each, they’ll get to keep the benefit, despite the household income being over £80,000. Confused? I am. I don’t really have a problem with high earners losing the child benefit. Let’s be realistic – £20 per week for the first child and £13.70 for the second child isn’t something that wealthy families are going to really need compared to those families that really do need it.

Obviously Labour have jumped all over this and in his first Prime Minister’s Questions Ed Miliband certainly didn’t hold back in attacking Cameron. Cheered on by Labour MPs, Mr Miliband said Cameron’s plans were a “shambles”.
He then went on to urge the Prime Minister to admit he got it wrong. Miliband told Cameron he should tell middle-income families up and down Britain that he’ll think again.

I don’t think Cameron will think again though. He responded with his classic answer that the coalition government are having to take drastic measures to sort out the mess that Labour left behind. And so it continues….. 
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