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Mimi ON Jul 09, 2010 AT 10:05 am


Road Tax - just another excuse to tax us or it is truely eco-friendly?

Yet Another Tax?

The RAC Foundation has described it as ‘inevitable.’ Charging motorists for each mile they travel now appears to be the way to ease congestion. This sounds like a great green idea in principle, but in reality won’t go down too well.

Now, call me cynical, but I reckon this is just another tax ’neatly wrapped up in ecological packaging.’ If more people say goodbye to taking the car because of road pricing, will public transport be capable to take the extra load?

Let’s also push London and the big cities aside for a moment. How will people cope in rural areas where having a car is just not an option?

If you’re thinking that they can just use public transport to get around then I can vouch after living in very rural areas that bus services are practically non-existent!

Businesses would without a doubt, struggle to survive. And for those families that holiday and bring business to beautiful but remote parts of in the UK, the situation would be very dire without access to a car.

And finally, on a lighter note every woman knows that walking is just not an option when leaving the hair salon or en route to a night out after spending ages getting ready!
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