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Mimi ON Jul 16, 2010 AT 10:27 am

Graduate Tax

Graduate Tax

Bye bye tuition fees. Hello graduate tax

Business Secretary Vince Cable clearly wants to make an impression. In his first major speech on universities (he obviously wanted to arrive with a bang) he proposed that tuition fees would be replaced with a graduate tax that students would pay when they finished their degrees.

Putting that aside for a moment, the other thing that glared out at me was the proposal of cramming some degrees into two years.
Courses like law and medicine are four or five years long for a reason. The thought of doctors graduating in just two years is irresponsible and could create a whole catalogue of blunders.

I reckon the whole system and our economy could be affected by this. The jist of Cable’s plans are the more you earn, the more graduate tax you pay. Where’s the fairness in that?

Students who choose demanding courses in excellent universities and go on to have well paid jobs will end up subsiding those who take mickey mouse courses before falling into a job that isn’t related to their degree.

Also, clearing off abroad will become a very attractive option for many graduates leaving the government and our economy with a gaping hole. Don’t even get me started on how to fill that. 

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