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Mimi ON Jul 23, 2010 AT 10:17 am

Gary McKinnon

Gary McKinnon

Could Obama and Cameron save McKinnon?
Gary McKinnon, the computer hacker who faces extradition to the US was the subject of discussion between Cameron and Obama this week.

I’m sure you all have been following this very lengthy case, but for those who haven’t – McKinnon faces extradition to the US over alleged cyber-terrorism back in 2002.

Mr McKinnon’s lawyers have argued that the extradition should be halted on human rights grounds. There are widespread concerns the 44 year old Asperger’s sufferer would not be able to cope with travelling to the U.S for the trial. That’s also not considering serving a custodial sentence in the US, if found guilty.

David Cameron and Barack Obama

David Cameron and Barack Obama

There has been so much support for Gary McKinnon from the public and so much fascination with this story over the last eight years. I think that is mainly because most people agree that computer hacking should not go unpunished. However, the punishments in relation to this ‘crime’ seem to be so severe people are fixated with what will happen next. I also think that Mr McKinnon is being used as an example by the Americans and because this is such a unique case, every little detail is magnified and blown up in a far, bigger scale.

Finally, on this matter none of us could imagine what it would be like having to live in limbo for all that time. The mental and physical stress must be immense for him and his family. Let’s hope this ends with the right outcome for all.  
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