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Mimi ON Aug 19, 2010 AT 11:39 pm

A Level results are out!

A Level results are out!

A Levels
The A Level results are out again igniting the debate of whether they are or aren’t too easy. This is such a tired argument that is rolled out every year undermining the students who frantically study for them. It seems that some students, aware of the difficult economic crisis are choosing the harder subjects such as maths, science and economics to strengthen their chances for jobs after graduating.

I think this is fantastic for the students and the British economy. Sadly, we have a whole generation of graduates who have graduated that aren’t using their degrees for their careers. Thousands of students are thousands of pounds in debt for nothing. Madness! I know there is the whole life experience argument, but unless that degree is used to help put you on the ladder to your chosen career, I don’t think it is worth going to uni. Good luck to all those getting your results this week.
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