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Mimi ON Aug 27, 2010 AT 9:44 am

David and Samantha Cameron

David and Samantha Cameron

Congratulations to David and Samatha Cameron
The Prime Minister and his wife have become parents to a little girl, called Florence Rose Endellion. What an adorable name and congratulations to their family.

Apparently, Florence was given the middle name after St Endellion, the small village in Cornwall where the Camerons have been holidaying.

I’m so pleased that David Cameron is setting a fine example to fathers everywhere, by taking his statutory paternity leave to be with his wife Samantha.

I also think it is brilliant that the couple praised the services of the NHS, rather than SamCam choosing to give birth in a private hospital.

That would have been a PR disaster, rather like Diane Abbot criticising Tony Blair over sending his son to a selective school and then sending her own son to a private school. Pot, kettle, black, anyone?

I also think that in our modern society little people should be running around at No.10. The image of politics needs to change from stuffy, boring men in suits to working parents with families. Voters need to identify with our politicians and I think politicians with families can only enhance that.

Meanwhile, let’s hope that Deputy PM, Nick Clegg will be able to hold the fort while Mr Cameron is enjoying time with his new daughter.
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