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Mimi ON Sep 03, 2010 AT 9:42 am

Julia Roberts going au naturale

Julia Roberts going au naturale

Julia Roberts hits the beach (with armpit hair)
Hollywood Actress Julia Roberts was papped on the beach this week with a bikini body to die for. The 42 year old, mum of three looked tanned and taut – I was so envious! However, that great body was overshadowed (again) by the fact that she hadn’t shaved her armpits.

I have to admit to looking at the pictures and thinking oh she hasn’t shaved her armpits again. I’m sorry Julia, you look incredible, but the hairy armpits well…just looks unkempt.

Of course everyone has the right to shave or not to shave, but I think hairless looks better and is generally more hygenic.

Why are we so bothered though when we see a woman with hairy armpits or hairy legs? I think quite simplisticly it goes back to caveman times. We associate hairy legs, armpits and facial hair with men, not women. Rightly or wrongly it’s not socially acceptable for women to be hairy. Some are of course and I really do admire them for refusing to conform and staying as hairy as they wish.

I think hair or the lack of it is also a generation thing. All of my friends in their twenties shave or wax armpits, legs, bikini lines. However, the ladies I have seen who choose to go natural do appear to be older. Maybe they are more confident in their skin or remember times in the sixties or seventies where to be hair free wasn’t at all fashionable.
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