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Mimi ON Oct 01, 2010 AT 9:36 am

Ed Miliband

Ed Miliband

By Siobhan Courtney

Sorry bro – the job’s mine
Ed Miliband is the new leader of the Labour Party. And talk about a landslide victory – not! Ed beat his brother, former foreign secretary David by just over 1%. I don’t know who feels worse with that result - Ed or David?

On a totally random note though- I’m always so struck by how young Ed looks. He’s 40, but he could easily pass for 30. Let’s give him a couple of years though and I’m sure the grey hair, eye bags and dark circles will be totally visible. 

Ed Milliband seems to me a bit of a strange choice. Maybe this is because he has spent his political career in the shadow of his older brother David. He also seems to be someone who just doesn’t quite have that sparkle and charisma to lead – maybe I’ll be proved wrong though.

The MIliband Brothers

The Miliband Brothers

So, what do we actually know about the new leader of the Labour party? Apparently, he’s a self confessed maths geek, who loved Dallas as a teenager. Miliband Junior is obviously very bright though- he studied the highly recognised Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford University. Ed certainly must look up to his older brother as he studied the same course, at the same college as David. Awwwww.

Ed’s private life has also come under a fair bit of scrutiny over the past week. He lives with his girlfriend, a 35 year old lawyer in a trendy part of London. The ‘scandal’ is they have one young child, and another on the way, but are not married. OMG - can you believe it, this is truly shocking! I’m sure a couple as intelligent as those two would have made marriage a priority if they WANTED to. Does Ed not being married make him any less of a leader? Depends on whether he’s going to lecture the country about the morality of marriage. Obviously the leader of the Labour party can’t be banging about the importance of the commitment of marriage if he hasn’t got round to it himself. One thing I don’t think that has done Ed any favours is saying he was ‘too busy’ to sign his son’s birth certificate form at the council offices. We’re all busy Ed, but some things have to have priority. In my book, making sure your name is on your son’s birth certificate is one thing that should take over from ’another day in the office.’

Anyway, domestic issues aside it seems older brother David will not be working alongside his little brother. He’s stepped down from frontline politics, but has not thrown the towel in completely as he will still serve as a MP. David said the decision was the ‘right one for him, his family and for Labour.’ Ed responded by saying ‘his door was always open’ should David want to return. Whether David will ever want to open that door will remain to be seen.

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