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Essential Real Women Campaign

Essential Real Women Campaign

I have run my own business and worked for myself for over 20 years, so I do find myself looking at women in my industry who have succeeded and done well as inspiration.

Women like Natalie Massenet and Marcia Kilgore have done so well and are such positive role models.  Massenet may have had an investment banker (now hedge fund) husband and all the privileges and contacts that went with being the editor of Tatler but her vision and passion came from within and for that she has to be admired. Massanet says of her late Father who was clearly an inspiration to her, ‘He always taught me not to be afraid of what was on the other side of the mountain. He taught me to be fearless, and also to enjoy life.’

Kilgore started in more humble surrounding by giving facials in her small apartment in downtown Manhattan which eventually evolved into the million pound Bliss Spas and now her FitFlop empire has become our new footwear fetish and is displayed on the sides of buses. Incredibly hard working women who have achieved so much and are still working, despite their fortunes being plenty enough to live on, I really admire ambition in anyone.

The word icon is used rather loosely these days, and we often hear Cheryl Cole hailed as an icon of our times and many see her as an inspiration. Whilst there’s no denying Cheryl is a beautiful girl and she has behaved impeccably during incredibly tough times but has she really earned icon status? We might be able to copy the lash and hair extensions, buy the same jeans and dinky little dresses but as for her lifestyle does it actually seem real, she may have an enviable fantasy life but what about real life. Who actually inspires you day to day, makes you get out of bed every morning, makes you smile or feel good about yourself when you need it?

You Are Amazing Campaign

You Are Amazing Campaign

My guess is it is your Mum,  your sister and a small army of friends and close people like your hairdresser, facialist or even your personal trainer. Who is always there on the other end of the phone when you need it most? These are the ones that I would call my A-Team, the ones that make you feel good and look good, we all know how great we feel when we leave a hair salon with a great blow dry – I walk down the street as if I am actually Penelope Cruz after a great blow dry!

Think about who you really couldn’t live without, people who you would like to celebrate and rate above all others, make a list of your own A-Team and make sure you give back everything you know they give you. Long lasting friendships must be a two way street, these are the people we want to read about too, what relationships are important to you and how can you celebrate them. Essentials magazine is reaching out to all the real women out there that make a difference and are important in your lives, tell them who they are.

Calling all real women – whatever your size, shape, height, or age essentials magazine needs you!  If you would like to appear in a glossy women’s lifestyle magazine this is your chance to shine!  Simply visit www.goodtoknow.co.uk/essentials for further details on how to enter, and follow the campaign on our Facebook and Twitter pages…we can’t wait to hear from you.

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