Who Runs The World?

BATD ON Jun 27, 2013 AT 9:58 am

Forbes magazine this week released their international celebrity power list and whilst we were surprised at a whole slew of the names that made the top twenty (please someone explain to us Bon Jovi’s no. 7 ranking!), what we were most shocked about was the top ten. Six of whom are women!


Steadfastly holding on to the number one position is Oprah, whilst Lady Gaga, who appears to have dropped under the media radar of late (just what does the foxy one have up her leather/ meat-clad/ perspex sleeve?) places at number two. So clearly those millions of little monsters have her back. Meanwhile, separated by Steven Spielberg, comes Beyonce (natch!), Madonna and then, Taylor Swift. So clearly sweetness, naivety and talent in the world of celebrity heralds as much kudos as longevity.

Sitting at number ten is chat-show host Ellen Degeneres, whilst Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna and Katy Perry all make the top twenty.

We’d say it’s a resounding success for womankind (if only in the realm of celebrity!).

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