Will.I.am. A. Pisces

Mimi ON Nov 23, 2012 AT 5:58 pm

By Chrissy Iley 


I’ve met will.i.am a couple of times before. The first in his recording studio with Cheryl Cole. We talked about relationships. Really interestingly.  And about a year later I interviewed him in Chicago where he told me he likes to drink vodka skinnies – vodka soda with a twist of lime or lemon – and that his cat is vegan, which is a joke.

He was very into star signs. He’s a Pisces. He was warm, interested, shy, and yes, a bit mysterious like a Pisces and he spoke with emotional articulation, pretty much the same as we saw on The Voice.

Last night I ran into him at the Soho House in LA home of displaced Brits and Britophiles. He may count as a Britophile these days after his new found friendship with Prince Charles.

He remembered me, was sweet to me. Most people I interview never remember who I am.

But not only that he wanted to meet my friend and help us in the photo booth. Three women in a photo booth are never going to take a picture that they are all happy with. will.i.am gave us directions. ‘Don’t pull faces. Just look straight.’ Under his supervision we each had a photo that we were happy with. And willl, he still wanted to talk about star signs. ‘I’m a Pisces,’ he repeats. ‘Mysterious.’

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