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Woody Allen, Kanye West

Woody Allen, Kanye West

Ever thought you’d see the likes of Kanye West and Woody Allen buddying up for a television programme? No. Us neither. But it’s happening! Maybe it would make more sense if we told you that it was all in the aid of a David Blaine celebrity special.

Allen and West are just two of the surprisingly large number of high calibre celebrities that have agreed to participate in the renowned exhibitionist magician’s latest venture which is due to air on ABC on 19th November.

The show is titled David Blaine: Real or Magic and will feature the likes of Robert De Niro, Katy Perry, Ricky Gervais, Stephen Hawking and even George W. Bush. It seems that Blaine’s reasoning behind his highly varied personality choices (besides of course the pumped up media and audience attraction) was to make his tricks believable. Blaine said ‘I went after all of the people that I loved the most [...] I wanted it to all be believable and went after people you never could get to pretend’.

We’re more than a little intrigued we have to say. The enigmatic magician may appear a little disconcerting at times, but that’s level of celeb cameos that we can get on board with. Bring on 19th November.

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