World Book Night 2012

Mimi ON Apr 23, 2012 AT 3:40 pm

World Book Night 2012

I’m an emotional reader. More times than I care to remember I have sobbed hysterically on public transport, laughed until I’ve cried alone in my room, physically covered my mouth in alarm and shock and firmly closed a book when it has all just become too much.

Every time I finger the pages of a crisp, un-thumbed paperback I am transported into a world a million miles away from my own. And I can’t get enough. A rainy Saturday afternoon sat in Waterstone’s is my idea of heaven and forget net-a-porter on a lunch hour, fantasy bookshelves at BookShelf Porn, that’s where I’m at.

But it’s time for all you preferred tv-watchers and reluctant readers to take some time out from TOWIE and reconnect with literature.

Tonight, which rather aptly lands on Shakespeare’s birthday, is annual World Book Night. Where 20,000 passionate readers, from the UK alone, will gift 24 copies of one of their all-time favourite books to encourage non-readers to fall in love with literature. Over the course of the year, World Book Night will be distributing a further 620,000 books to some of the hardest-to-reach readers by way of care homes, hospitals, homeless shelters and sheltered housing.

London based book lovers should head down to the Southbank Centre tonight, where a number of special events and readings from Martina Cole, Iain M Banks and Meg Rosoff will be happening. Followed by a midnight reading of Shakespeare’s sonnets by candlelight.

To find out more about World Book Night, head to or join the chat on Twitter #worldbooknight

Happy reading.

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