YO! Sushi Review

BATD ON Jun 15, 2009 AT 4:16 pm

Hotate & Tobiko Temaki

Hotate & Tobiko Temaki

YO! Sushi has added some very tasty new dishes to their menu, being a fan of the whole healthy, fast food concept I just had to pop along to try them out.

The eight new delicious dishes are exclusive to the Selfridges’ London restaurant. They feature more exotic luxury ingredients than you would expect to find there, including delicacies such as sea urchin and lobster. The new YO! Indulgence dishes are well priced at a wallet-friendly £6 each.

Feeling hungry we were almost hypnotised by the multi coloured plates of fresh looking Sushi sailing around the conveyor belt in front of us. The new plates are yellow, but we were tempted by purlpe and blue too, such choice!

Our really friendly waiter showed us all the new choices including lobster, eel and scallops. Swish I thought, favourites were Hotate & Tobiko Temaki – Diced scallops, orange tobiko, cucumber & shiso leaf hand roll and Izumida & Shiso Tempura – Tilapia and shiso leaf tempura with ponzu sauce.

For serious fans who are fluent in Sushi, Hotate Kushi Age (Crispy breaded scallops with wasabi mayo) and Ise Ebi & Yuzu Gunkan (Lobster, yuzu tobiko and mayonnaise gunkan) are also part of the new line up.

Unagi Yakitori

Unagi Yakitori

Something I didn’t realise you could do was order hot dishes like rice and noodles so we indulged in stir fried rice  with chicken and vegetables and vegetarian noodles, both were really fresh and filling.

It’s deceiving really when the dishes look so small how full up you can get, mind you we were dangerously close to not seeing over our used pile of plates! There was room for a little something sweet though, there’s always space for pudding and do make sure you do the same. We left feeling really satisfied with our meal and it makes you feel better knowing it is healthy and made in front of you. I love the buzz of sitting at the counter, it makes for a good atmosphere and it’s not too intimidating to hop on to the ride if you are on your own. Will definitely go back again soon.

YO! Facts:
YO! Sushi’s menu has a daily repertoire of over 100 dishes, of which 35% are hot or cooked dishes and 25% vegetarian.

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