2008 Political Fashion Wrap Up

Mimi ON Nov 18, 2008 AT 12:51 pm


 By Jenna Spataro
Back in the 60′s Jacqueline Kennedy brought style and grace to the political front. Since her time no woman in the political spotlight has ever quite been able to live up to Jackie’s fashion pizzazz. But lucky for us it seems fashion has returned from its political hiatus. In the most recent Presidential election style gurus across the world had their eyes on four political women. In this fashion wrap up we are going to look at the unique styles of former Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, Vice President nominee Sarah Palin, First Lady hopeful Cindy McCain, and the future First Lady Michelle Obama.

Hillary Clinton
While Hillary Clinton won’t be remembered for her style during this Presidential campaign she still deserves some recognition in this fashion wrap up. As Senator of New York it wasn’t uncommon to see Hillary dressed in a traditional drab business suit. It wasn’t until she decided to run for office that her style began to shift. To show a softer side, Hillary spiced things up by adding skirts and incorporating sharp blues, reds, and pinks to her wardrobe. What I like most about Hillary’s style is that she always dresses within her comfort zone. She could easily have hired some high paid stylist to give her a more hip look but instead Hillary stays true to who Hillary is, a strong powerful political person.

Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin went from the wolf hunting Governor of Alaska to one of the best-dressed Vice Presidential nominees.  It’s not surprising that Sarah looked great during her campaign, it’s been reported that the Republican Party spent over $150,000 dollars on her makeover. She may have looked gorgeous in her designer outfits but Sarah was never quite able to live up to her expensive look, even those big named labels couldn’t hide her provincial ways.  Like the saying goes, “you can take the girl out of Alaska…”  Now that we know Sarah won’t be moving to Washington anytime soon I think its time to bring her fabulous clothes back to a more civilized area.

Cindy McCain
Cindy McCain looked flawless throughout her husband’s run for President. This Republican wife certainly lived up to her role as the trophy wife. She looked beautiful at every event, was well spoken, and her blond-white hair was always impeccable.  Mrs. McCain’s privileged upbringing certainly shined through during her husband’s race to the White House. While Escada and Versace are new friends to Sarah, they have always been friends of Cindy. It’s no doubt that if Cindy’s husband had won the election America would have gained one stylish First Lady, but luckily it looks like the victor won’t have any problem filling those shoes.

Michelle Obama
Come January Michelle Obama is going to be our very own modern Jackie Kennedy. Throughout Barack Obama’s campaign Michelle was being compared to the Lady Kennedy. Michelle was even setting trends way before her husband had been elected. For her June appearance on the morning talk show The View she wore a $148 White House/ Black Market ‘tank leaf print’ dress. It was such a hit that once the show aired the dress was an immediate sell out! Michelle dresses with sophistication while bringing a modern and youthful look to her outfits. Our future First Lady gives girls on a budget hope by wearing affordable yet trendy clothes.

After the long eight years of the unstylish Laura Bush, Mrs. Obama is a breath of fresh air. She will do great things for fashion admirers across the world.  I see only good things in our political fashion future!

Barack and Michelle Obama

Barack and Michelle Obama

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