A Treat for Feet

BATD ON Jun 09, 2009 AT 9:48 am



On my recent trip to LA I tried on a pair of TOMS and felt like I was slipping my foot into a duvet built for my feet. They are so comfortable I was hooked, unlike any espadrille or Haviana you’ve ever worn. I love the Navy Tie Dye, the colour works really well with a tan but they are available in lots of colour variations, you’ll find a pair you love too.

The lovely people at TOMS are all about giving back so for every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of shoes to a child in need.  One for One. TOMS has now given over 115,000 pairs of shoes to children in need around the world. This is one shoe purchase that you won’t feel guilty about, and they definitely won’t stay in the closet because they give you blisters.

Prices are bewteen £25-£35 click here to buy a pair now!



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