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Mimi ON Mar 10, 2010 AT 1:36 pm

Havva Blue Ribbon Headband - £95

By Holly Barder

Some of us have been going ‘Ga-Ga’, most of us are bound to get ‘carried away’ in May, but for now, it seems ‘Alice-mania’ is having its moment at the fashion frontline. From tea-pots to polka dots, playing cards to clock charms, everyone is going crazy for Alice in Wonderland.

It’s not a new fashion fancy by any means, there have been numerous Wonderland-themed shoots and Alice-inspired collections over the years, but it is one that is enjoying a second wind thanks to Tim Burton’s adaptation, released last Friday. While the film hasn’t been popular with everyone, the fashion has. Why? It is a look even us mere mortals can buy into. Once the confines of couture, we can now all escape into a fashion fantasy.

It’s a big trend for Spring with designers including Luella nodding a supersized bow-headband to the whimsical tale while appealing to the little girl in all of us with powder-blue dresses, cut-out heart necklines and polka dots.

Miss Tea Teacup Ring - £38

Whether you channel Alice’s Victorian roots with lace and embellishment, her Disney-innocence with ribbons and bows, or opt for Burton’s innocence with a hint of darkness, it’s all about colour, fun and fantasy.

And while I love Ga-Ga’s gear for the same reasons – a heady combination of elegance and madness that shouldn’t work but does – not all of us can go out, or rather should go out, exposing our nipples/bottom or both as the ‘Lady’ often does. It may be very ‘high fashion’ darling, but it’s not quite (walking down the) high-street fashion.

So jump down the rabbit hole and make your fairytale come true with pieces that are whimsical and playful, even a bit ‘dark’; just a touch less hoochie-mama!

1950s Leaf Print Dress - £95

Wonderland fever is taking this season’s fairytale frocks to fanciful new levels, but it is also adding a grown-up girlishness to everyday attire. Teapots, polka-dots, clock faces, hearts, spades and diamonds adorn everything from shirts, shorts and shoes to bags, headpieces and necklaces. It is a trend to have fun with – think Mad-Hatter tea party fun and you’re on the right tracks.

Take a sip of some ‘Drink Me’ potion and play around with scale, especially when it comes to accessorising. Wear an Alice-blue tea dress with a chunky, oversized neckpiece; or team your highest heels with a miniature bag (I know, not the most practical suggestion, but when have we ever let that stop us buying a clutch the size of our pinkie?).

Bunnies Forever 'Queen of Hearts' underwear set - £160.

Prettify your look with bows – a bow headband, a bow belt, bag or shoes. Work this trend how you want to – it should be your interpretation of Alice as we all know and love mixed with what you think a modern day Alice would love. A wonderland look need not be archetypal or obvious.

While shops are scrambling to embrace the fantastical now, My Sugarland has always had a hint of wonderland about it, and it shows. A clock face feather fascinator; a 1950′s powder blue leaf print dress; an oversized necklace embellished with blue ribbon, chains and pearls; a delicate cup and saucer ring or hand-embroidered ‘Queen of Hearts’ underwear offer authentic, slightly more subtle allusions to Alice’s whimsical dreamworld. They allow you to put your own stamp on the look, as opposed to being cast in the shadows of a ‘trend’. And that, I think, is key.

All these pieces are available at the My Sugarland boutique, which can be found at 402-404 St John’s Street,  ECIV 4NJ.

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