Angelina Jolie Launches Jewellery Line

BATD ON Apr 04, 2013 AT 10:05 am

Of all the celebrities we’d expect to launch fashion lines, Angelina Jolie is not one of them.

And yet, the Oscar-winning actress’ high profile role as United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees makes her perfectly placed for the high-end jewellery line, Style of Jolie, she has just announced.

Angelina Jolie launches Style of Jolie jewellery

Created together with Beverly Hills jeweller Robert Procop – the very same jeweller that worked with Brad Pitt to design Angelina’s engagement ring, Style of Jolie will be the vehicle through which Jolie helps to fund the Education Partnership for Children in Conflict(she has just opened an all-girls school in Afghanistan and plans to open more with the profits).

Style of Jolie

On the Robert Procop site, it has been confirmed that 100% of the profits will go to the charity,

“As Angelina herself possesses many talents and dimension, these jewels mirror that depth with a spectrum of delights. At one end are the sensuous, rounded curves of the cushion and sumptuous pear-shaped pendants that conjure the archetype of the eternal feminine. Other jewels resonate with a bolder aesthetic via sharp, dramatic lines. Yet a unified aesthetic remains: richly saturated, monochromatic gemstones are sculpted and cradled in a rich array of golds. Every treasure echoes the potent appeal of a woman’s timeless allure.”

Style of Jolie: premiere black faceted necklace

The Style of Jolie line features exquisite emerald and ruby tablet rings, a black faceted necklace, green beryl drop earrings as well as bracelets.

The line launches today

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