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Greta Gerwig in 2011's 'Arthur' and Liza Minelli in the original 1981 film.

This Friday, 22.04.11 the movie Arthur will be hitting the big screen with Russell Brand playing the lovable heir and rogue that was made famous by the brilliant Dudley Moore, big comedy shoes to fill!

The film was originally made in 1981 starring Liza Minnelli and Dudley Moore and if you were lucky to catch it on TV this weekend then you may have spotted that not only were some of the classic lines exactly the same, but the outfits were inspired by the original too.

In short, ‘Arthur’ is about a charming drunk, played by Brand, who has a limitless fortune and is forced into a loveless marriage to ensure his fortune for the rest of his life, but has a battle with his Mother when he does fall for a girl from Queens instead.


Greta and Russell filming a scene for Arthur.

I really liked this film, it’s a good old fashioned family movie with some great performances by Helen Mirrren and Greta Gerwig. I think Russell Brand is like Marmite, you either love him or hate him, and despite the squeaky voice in parts I like him and he fits this part.  What particularly stood out for me was the gorgeous clothing and style of the characters wardrobe against the backdrop of NYC.

Arthur has a great tailor, it’s so nice to see him carry off those fitted suits and flamboyant colour choices; Brand’s Yogi body looks great in them. Greta Gerwig’s character has a really kooky, cute style too, she dresses like a vintage fashion blogger’s dream. I love that her character’s opening scene was in a bright yellow mac just like Liza Minnelli in the original.

Don’t believe all the bad press Brand has over it, I think it’s fun and worth a visit to the cinema for, a feel good movie for all the family that doesn’t compromise with a cheesy script or need 3D special effects to hold your attention: Mirren gets to deliver some great lines. Be sure to catch it in cinemas on Friday!

Arthur 2011

Russell Brand in an array of dapper, sharp suits.


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