Backstage LFW: Ada Zanditon SS12

Mimi ON Sep 17, 2011 AT 2:16 pm

Ada Zanditon SS12

Ada Zanditon SS12

Last night, Ada Zanditon showed a phenomenal exhibition at London Fashion Week sponsored by Ecover and we sent our LFW spy down to get all the goss from backstage.

The collection, Poseisus had a short digital film presentation that took viewers on the journey of a greek goddess seahorse who travels the world, flowing in the current. There was clear inspiration from sea horses, and greek goddesses incorporated into the show.

“There is a line between fiction and the truth that brings up a unique story between human and animal connections” said Ada Zanditon. With the ocean oriented theme, Ada noted, “Often people think that seahorses are tropical creatures that live distantly off somewhere, but in London we have seahorses that are endangered because of the ships that drop heavy anchors that ruin their natural habitat.”


Ecover products

As expected, you can count on Ada Zanditon to produce fashion through ethical manufacturing and sustainable fabrics. All of the dresses throughout the show were beautifully crafted, with bright colours and soft draping. But all of these efforts to protect the environment don’t interfere with the beauty and movement of the pieces, often sculptural and based on illustrations. Through her metamorphic journey of fashion and sea, Zanditon’s collaboration with Ecover has made fashion even more functional with environmentally friendly products.

Ecover has also launched a campaign of Wear and Care that promotes women to think about how they take care of their clothes even after buying sustainable fabrics. In using Ecover’s biodegradable Stain Remover, women can remove stains from any fabric with a handy brush that leaves no chemical residue. Or, at home Ecover has a line of delicate laundry liquids that are ideal for fine fabrics, silks and woollens that have no chemical based ingredients and great environmental advantages.

For more information on Ada Zandition visit

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