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Mimi ON Jun 22, 2011 AT 1:05 pm

Jesse Metcalfe and Jamella Jamil

Jesse Metcalfe and Jamella Jamil

We took a little sneak peak into the Evian VIP lounge at Wimbledon, where celebrities were looking perfectly posh and preppy for the next two weeks of tennis. Stars like Dakota Fanning and Stanley Tucci kept it simple and chic in crisp neutral tones, whereas Olivia Inge donned bright colours that are perfect for summer (sunflower yellow, anyone?). Oh, and Jesse Metcalfe looks pretty amazing in a fitted navy Lacoste polo.

And of course with a luxurious VIP lounge ┬ácomes lots of cocktails and partying! Grace Jones in particular spurred a few laughs as she repeatedly challenged other guests to drunken┬áping pong matches and burst into Raphael Nadal’s lounge to personally congratulate him on his win. When security guards attempted to stop her for a pass she allegedly claimed she didn’t need one because she was, ahem, ‘Grace Jones’. Plus on top of all that, Jones and Michael McIntyre drank a few too many glasses of Pimms and had to be hushed by security guards on Centre Court on more than one occasion. Tut tut.

Wimbledon’s just begun and there’s already been so much to talk about! We can’t wait for more to unfold… Check out details and lots of fashion in the video below:



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