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Mimi ON Jan 31, 2011 AT 10:24 am

Bagpod in red leather

Bagpod in red leather

Okay, hands up those whose swanky designer shoppers are total chaos inside? Yes, join the club!

We love a capacious bag as much as the next girl, but if we’re honest, the exterior hides everything from loose change to forgotten glosses and trying to find anything from the pile of daily essentials from the pile in the bottom is a grind.

We’ve just re-discovered the rather handy BagPod organiser – you simply slot it into your oversize bag and it keeps everything organized and ship-shape. With five external and six internal compartments including a zip up pocket for your valuables, and a key fob so you’re never rustling about in the middle of night trying to find your doorkeys, you can transfer BagPod from bag to bag (yes, because nobody has just one of those giant fashion statements!) and stay completely in control of your precious possesions.

We love this!

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